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Choosing The Right Fence

When we bought our house, we weren't sure if we could afford to install a fence. I was concerned that a vinyl version would be too much, which is why I didn't ask for bids on them for awhile. However, a friend of mine suggested a really incredible fence contractor, and it was incredible to talk with him. He came over and walked us through our different options, and he kept our budget in mind. After the fence was up, we had peace of mind knowing that our children were safe in our yard. This blog is dedicated to helping new homeowners choose a great fence the first time around.

2 Kid Crafts To Decorate Your Chain Link Fencing

Kids love to put their artwork on display—whether it's on the fridge, the walls of school, or on the chain link fencing around your yard. These fun, time-consuming art projects can keep your kids busy for minutes or hours of the day, and when they're done, your chain link fencing will be beautiful.

Homemade Hanging Planters

Your chain link fence is the perfect surface on which you can hang homemade tin-can planters. This multi-step craft project is perfect for children ages 8 and up. Since this project takes so much time and has so many steps, plan to work on this over a series of many days. Here's what you'll do:

  1. Clean out several large tin cans. Punch one hole on either side of the tin can near the top, then sand down any sharp metal pieces.
  2. Instruct your kids to decorate the outside of the tin cans with acrylic paint. Make sure the kids wear smocks at this stage because acrylic paint does not wash out of clothes. Encourage the kids to paint patterns and very bright colors on the tin cans. Each child can paint more than one tin can. The more tin cans your children paint, the more decorated your chain link fence will be when the project is over.
  3. Have each child fill his or her planter tin about halfway with soil.
  4. Place annual flowers of the kids' choosing in the top half of the planters. Fill any leftover spaces in the planters with soil.
  5. String a piece of strong twine or wire through the two holes near the top of the planters, then tie the string or wire to form handles.
  6. Use hooks to hang the planters by the handles to the chain link fence. Let the kids choose the location where their flowers will be hung.

Rag Pictures

Fill your chain link fencing with color by having your kids tie rags onto the wires in decorative patterns. Encourage your kids to come up with a plan for the pattern (or patterns) ahead of time to prevent mistakes. If your kids are younger, suggest simple patterns like stripes or repeating hearts. It helps to use rags that have been cut up into strips, because strips are easier to tie onto the fence. It also helps to have your kids pick the colors ahead of time so you'll be sure to have a good supply of the necessary hues. This project can be done with kids as young as 6 years old, as long as they have the hand-eye coordination to tie knots.