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Choosing The Right Fence

When we bought our house, we weren't sure if we could afford to install a fence. I was concerned that a vinyl version would be too much, which is why I didn't ask for bids on them for awhile. However, a friend of mine suggested a really incredible fence contractor, and it was incredible to talk with him. He came over and walked us through our different options, and he kept our budget in mind. After the fence was up, we had peace of mind knowing that our children were safe in our yard. This blog is dedicated to helping new homeowners choose a great fence the first time around.

Choosing The Right Fence To Keep Out Unwanted Wildlife

If you are looking for a way to keep wildlife and other pests from coming into your yard, there are many repellents or traps you can try. However, one of the most effective ways to keep pests out is to install a fence. This way, you know large pests will be deterred and they are generally the ones that do the most damage or pose a safety risk to your family and pets. Learn about the different types of fences you can choose to help keep pests out and what each type offers.

Solid wood fences

A solid wood fence will create a border around your property that will help deter certain pests and wildlife, such as deer, bears and even rabbits. A solid wood fence not only makes it harder for the pests to enter the yard, but it also makes it so they can't see in. Some pests, such as deer, like to see what it is they are going after and they shy away from going into unknown territory.

If you decide to go with a solid wood fence to keep pests and wildlife out, you want to go with a tall fence and let the fencing contractors know the purpose of the fence. They can make sure they secure the fence into the dirt to help prevent small critters, such as rabbits, from being able to easily access your yard by going under the fence.

Chain link fences

A chain link fence can also help to keep pests and wildlife out of your yard. However, they may get more tempted by some of the goodies you are growing around your yard since they can clearly see them. A chain link fence can also be customized to help against specific threats. For example, they can be installed to go down into the ground to prevent digging animals from coming in. They can also have a topper which flares out and stops pests from climbing the fence.

If you are very concerned about deer, be aware that they can jump extremely high. However, if you put a shorter chain link fence around the border of another fence, they will stay out. They won't be able to clear both fences.

Once you have the right fence installed, you will see a decrease in the amount of pests that come in your yard. If you continue to notice traces of pests, try putting up a camera to see what else you are dealing with.

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