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Choosing The Right Fence

When we bought our house, we weren't sure if we could afford to install a fence. I was concerned that a vinyl version would be too much, which is why I didn't ask for bids on them for awhile. However, a friend of mine suggested a really incredible fence contractor, and it was incredible to talk with him. He came over and walked us through our different options, and he kept our budget in mind. After the fence was up, we had peace of mind knowing that our children were safe in our yard. This blog is dedicated to helping new homeowners choose a great fence the first time around.

Pros And Cons Of Vinyl Fencing

With vinyl fencing becoming a popular option for contractors, many clients are wondering what the pros and cons are for this option. Here are some of the biggest benefits and drawbacks of vinyl fencing. 


One of the major benefits of vinyl fencing is that it lasts a long time. The material is built to withstand moisture and temperature changes, so it won't rot or rust like wood and metal fences might. For this reason, you may spend less on repairs and replacement than you would with other fencing materials. 

Storm Resistant

If you live in a storm prone area, then vinyl fencing can be a major asset. Vinyl is one of the strongest and most flexible fencing materials, and it's not as likely to snap during a storm as other materials. 

Gives You Options

Since vinyl is a man-made material, there are more things that you can do to customize it. There are a variety of colors and textures in stock for vinyl fencing, so you have the option of matching its character to that of your home's exterior. Since the color can be added right to the material, you won't get the patchy or uneven look that you might find on a painted fence, and you also don't need to worry about refinishing the color. 

Easy to Maintain

Another benefit of vinyl fencing is that you can take care of it using basic household goods. For instance, you can remove debris with a simple garden hose or a bucket of soap and water. Vinyl is resistant to stains, so you won't need to be as strict about your cleaning schedule as you might with other materials. 

Safe for Children

Another factor to consider, if you have small children, is that vinyl fencing can be a very safe option. Since the material is durable, it won't be prone to chipping or jagged edges that could cause injuries. Look for non-toxic certification to make sure that the materials are completely safe. 


And now for one of the biggest drawbacks of vinyl fencing— its cost. Vinyl can certainly be more expensive than some other options, but the added cost can often be offset by the lifespan of the material and its low maintenance cost. 

In short, vinyl fencing is often a great option for fencing projects, for its durability and versatility, among other things. When you can afford to opt for high-quality vinyl fencing, you make a great investment in your home's longevity.