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Choosing The Right Fence

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Five Fencing Tips And Considerations For People With Senior Dogs

Aging dogs are susceptible to a range of health issues and changes, and if you are choosing or maintaining an outside dog fence for a senior dog, you need to take his or her health and age into consideration when making decisions about your fence. 

Here are some tips and ideas to consider:

1. Avoid underground fences

Underground or electric dog fences can be effective for many dogs, but they can be challenging for older dogs. Most of these fences send a beep to the dog's collar when he or she gets close to the perimeter of the fence, but unfortunately, as many senior dogs start to lose their hearing, they may miss this alert.

If the dog continues walking toward the perimeter of the yard after the beep sounds, he or she receives a small shock. Although this is considered to be safe, it can be unsettling to dogs who have heart issues or other concerns.

2. Consider a separately fenced path to your front door

If you are putting a dog fence around both your front and back gardens, consider carving out a separate fenced path to your front door. If you have guests or delivery people, this insulates them from your dog.  

Older dogs tend to sleep more soundly than their younger counterparts, and as a result, they may be more likely to get startled when a guest approaches. While startled, they may bark and accidentally scare the person coming to your door.

3. Add a doggy run

When you are putting together a dog fence for an older dog, it may be easy to forget about workout spaces. However, you need to remember that older dogs are more prone to obesity and diabetes than younger dogs. As a result, you should add a doggy run or another type of workout area.  

4. Make the fence visible

Another risk of aging for dogs is blindness and cataracts. If your dog has poor vision, try to make your fence more noticeable. Paint it a bright colour, or add reflective tape to it at your dog's eye level. These efforts can stop your dog from accidentally running into the fence.

5. Keep the fence in good repair

If your dog has lost some of his or her hearing, he or she won't be able to hear risks and dangers outside of your fence. This means if your dog wanders outside your fence, he or she may not hear cars approaching.

To prevent your senior dog from escaping and getting in a dangerous situation, you should ensure your fence is in a state of good repair. For further assistance, contact local professionals, such as those from Invisible Fence Brand by Coyner Associates