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Choosing The Right Fence

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Three Ways To Use Decorative Picket Fencing In Your Backyard

Fences are commonly seen as tools to keep others out of your yard or to add privacy, but they can also be used as a decorative element. Low, 2 or 3-foot picket fences, in particular, can add a quaint, cottage-like appearance to your yard. Here are three fun and easy ways to use a low picket fence to enhance your landscaping design.

Divide the Lawn Into Sections

Do you use your yard for two different purposes? Perhaps you like to sit and read near the gardens in the front, but the kids use the back acres to play ball. You could divide the two sections by putting a single line of picket fencing across the middle of the yard. Include a cute little gate that you can open to get through the fence easily. Plant some flowers along the edge of the fence for a pop of color. Since the fence is low and of the picket style, you'll be able to see over and through it to enjoy the beauty of the entire yard at once, but it will still provide some visual separation between the two sections of your yard.

Surround Your Garden Beds

Garden beds tend to look most stunning when they're somehow set off from the rest of your landscape. Consider surrounding a garden bed with a low picket fence. This works best when you have taller plants or shrubs in the garden bed so they tower above the fence a little bit, though if you use a trellis-like pattern for your picket, it can look wonderful with smaller, more delicate flowers, too. You can even plant vine plants like sweet peas along the fence so they can climb it.

Designate a Grilling Area

Do you love grilling in your back yard? Adding an entire outdoor kitchen is a big step, but you can create the same set-apart look by fencing in a little section of your yard and using it as your grilling area. Just set some concrete pavers in the middle to park your grill and tables on. Include a wide gate so you can move the grill, chairs, and other accessories in and out easily.

Get creative with you use of picket fences, and transform your backyard space. Talk to a fencing contractor in your area (like Allied Fence of Tampa Bay) to learn more about the best materials and designs for these and other decorative picket fencing ideas.