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Choosing The Right Fence

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Want to Install a Wood Fence? 3 Details That Can Determine Its Appearance

When you have a backyard that you want to improve upon, you can choose from numerous options, such as modifying the landscape or installing a fence. If you decide that you want to add a wood fence, you may not want it to look like all the other wood fences in the neighborhood.

Fortunately, choosing this fence type gives you a lot of options that each determine the appearance of your wood fence, and taking advantage of these design possibilities will help you end up with a fence that you love.


Most properties with wood fences have a standard look with vertical pickets. Although you can install this kind of fence and choose a few unique options to make the fence look great, you can also accomplish this goal by going with a horizontal board fence. This is where you will have a lot of flexibility to decide how much of a gap you want between each horizontal board.

If you are not too worried about privacy, you can go with a decent-sized gap because this will allow more sunlight through. This is an ideal option when you have a lot of plant growth close to where you want to put the fence and you do not want a lack of sunlight to cause health issues.

Wood Type

Another factor that will determine how your fence looks is the type of wood that you use. Redwood is an excellent option when you are looking for a bold-looking fence with a red tint. If you want a light-colored fence, you cannot go wrong with a pine fence. When you want something in between, you can go with cedar as it is darker than pine and lighter than redwood.

Post Caps

Whether you decide on a vertical or horizontal fence, you will also be able to add post caps to all the posts, which should make it easy to get a unique-looking fence for your neighborhood. While you should be able to pick from various available designs and get something fresh-looking, you can also go with custom post caps if you are willing to pay a bit extra for the design to be made.

Installing a wood fence can provide your backyard and family with many benefits to enjoy, such as partial or complete privacy, and protection. Considering all these details with the help of a wood fence installation service will help you get out a wood fence that works for you.