Choosing The Right Fence

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Choosing The Right Fence

When we bought our house, we weren't sure if we could afford to install a fence. I was concerned that a vinyl version would be too much, which is why I didn't ask for bids on them for awhile. However, a friend of mine suggested a really incredible fence contractor, and it was incredible to talk with him. He came over and walked us through our different options, and he kept our budget in mind. After the fence was up, we had peace of mind knowing that our children were safe in our yard. This blog is dedicated to helping new homeowners choose a great fence the first time around.

Pros And Cons Of Vinyl Fencing

With vinyl fencing becoming a popular option for contractors, many clients are wondering what the pros and cons are for this option. Here are some of the biggest benefits and drawbacks of vinyl fencing.  Longevity One of the major benefits of vinyl fencing is that it lasts a long time. The material is built to withstand moisture and temperature changes, so it won't rot or rust like wood and metal fences might. Read More 

Exploring The Best And Worst Fencing Types For Pet Owners

Before having a fence installed to keep your pet safe and secure inside of your yard, it is not a bad idea to have a land surveyor come out. This is especially true if you have never had a fence before. A land surveyor can help you determine exactly where the property line for your home is and make you aware of anything you need to know before having a fence installed. Read More 

Choosing The Right Fence To Keep Out Unwanted Wildlife

If you are looking for a way to keep wildlife and other pests from coming into your yard, there are many repellents or traps you can try. However, one of the most effective ways to keep pests out is to install a fence. This way, you know large pests will be deterred and they are generally the ones that do the most damage or pose a safety risk to your family and pets. Read More 

The Perks Of Vinyl Fences

Adding a small fence to your property is a great way to protect your lawn and landscaping. You can also make your yard safer and more functional, especially if you have pets and young children. Many people install a fence in their front yard just because they want the classic look of a white picket fence. No matter what your reason for investing in a new fence, you will find that there is no better material than vinyl. Read More 

Add Primer And Paint To The Steel Fence That Surrounds Your Flower Garden

Improve the appearance of the steel fence surrounding your flower garden by removing paint that is flaking off, sanding the damaged areas, and adding a fresh coat of paint. Once you have completed the repair, the beauty of the fence will complement the items that you have planted.   Materials vinyl tarps paint chipper emery cloth water hose scrub brush industrial strength detergent paint brushes (various sizes) exterior primer exterior paint clear top coat mixing stick paint tray Remove Paint Chips And Sand The Steel Read More